28 things to do at home during lockdown 2.0

When the UK Prime Minister announced over the weekend that England would enter a second nationwide lockdown later this week, a collective sigh could be heard across the UK. ‘Not again.’

The previous lockdown impacted everyone in some way, shape or form and mentally, it was tough on a lot of people. 

My friends and family are somewhat divided on whether or not they’re for or against this second lockdown, but regardless, it is happening. However, something that I have noticed to be different than the previous lockdown is the sense of community on social media. We’ve acknowledged that yes, we have done this before and that yes we are more prepared than the first time around, but that yes, it will be tough.

So, with the help of my Instagram community, I have put together a list of 28 things that you can do by yourself, as a couple or with your family over the next 28 days:

  1. Couch to 5K – this running plan for absolute beginners involves three runs a week and is a great way to get you outside and active. Remember: fresh air is so important!
  2. Scrapbooking – scrapbook your previous adventures or make an online photo book. Not only do you get to re-live some great memories, but you’ll have something you can look back at again and again.
  3. Upcycle furniture – set yourself a limit, for example, £10, and use your free time to turn an old piece of furniture into a masterpiece.
  4. Host a games night – it doesn’t have to be a quiz. You can host charades, bingo and even drinking games virtually.
  5. Bake beyond banana bread – I think we can all admit to baking banana bread at least once during the last lockdown. Why not try a new recipe this time around?
  6. Learn to play an instrument – one friend of mine learned how to play the ukulele last lockdown – using YouTube!
  7. Host a virtual wine/cheese tasting – my friends and I did this during the last lockdown, and I have to say it was one of my highlights – and I don’t drink alcohol! Our fabulous friend arranged for us all to receive a tasting box and became a connoisseur of all things wine and cheese for the evening. I tasted cheeses I’ve never heard of before and learnt the difference between old world and new world wines.
  8. Edit your home – watch The Home Edit on Netflix, and the rest is history.
  9. Host a Pizza making night Jus-Rol Pizza Dough Thin Crust with Tomato Sauce is currently on offer for $2 in Sainsbury’s. Arrange a night for you and your friends to virtually make pizzas together – and of course, enjoy them afterwards.
  10. Learn calligraphy – I did this during the last lockdown and found it so therapeutic.
  11. Learn a language – this is your chance to actually learn a language with the spare time that you have. There is a wide selection of apps and youtube channels to choose from.
  12. Make s’mores – bring the outdoors, inside and toast your marshmallows using your grill!
  13. Paint with numbers – it’s like what we did as kids, except way more intense!
  14. Secret Santa – re-named Lockdown Lovers by my friends and I, we used an online platform to randomly allocate everyone a name and gifted each other something that we would enjoy doing at home during the lockdown.
  15. Christmas shopping – wrapping, decorating and planning. 
  16. Learn a TikTok dance – or the tango?
  17. Visit the ‘spa’ – otherwise known as your living room. I’m talking a face mask, manicures, pedicures and a luxurious bubble bath.
  18. Massage Night – a fun date night could be learning and practising massage on each other. It’s fun (tick), it’s romantic (tick), you learn a new skill (tick), and you get a massage out of it (HUGE TICK).
  19. Macrame – make your own macrame rainbow or wall hanging.
  20. A night at the cinema – download a movie poster, create tickets and set up a little a concession stand.
  21. Watch the Marvel films in order – my boyfriend and I did this during the last lockdown, and I have to say, I loved it. Maybe I’ll convince him to watch all the Harry Potter movies in order this time around!
  22. Host a Netflix watching party – an app extension of the famous streaming platform is available to download, allowing you and your friends to watch the same movie, at the exact same time! While it does not support video chat, it does offer synchronised video playback and a chat box so that you can interact with those watching the movie.
  23.  Design your own doughnuts – that’s right, Doughnut Time are now delivering countrywide and have seven different DIY kits, including one vegan kit, for you to choose from.
  24. Make pasta – if you still have a ready supply of flour, it might be time to start making your own pasta from scratch.
  25. Draw portraits of one another – and share the results to social media because we will all need a laugh!
  26. Participate in a challenge – there are several challenges that you can get involved in; 30-day squat challenge, the pull-up challenge and the plank challenge, for example.
  27. Educate yourself on race – you may have posted a black square to your Instagram grid back in June, but do you know why you did it? And what have you done since? By reading, listening and watching, we’re coming to terms with our own privilege, sitting with our discomfort and our anger and our guilt, and using it to support black communities. We may not always get it right, and we certainly won’t ever properly understand how it feels. But what we can do is use this time is to listen, learn, and start our long-term strategy of anti-racism and non-optical solidarity and this time is the perfect opportunity. Here are the best books, podcasts and films to help educate yourself about race and anti-racism.
  28. Watch the Northern Lights – because we can still see the world from our living room. This webcam is set up to capture the Northern Lights under the aurora oval – one of the best places on the planets to see the stunning display.