Our baby registry

I’ve had so many questions about our baby registry. 70% of the products shown here I have used while nannying, so I can confirm they’re fantastic! Others, I’ve spent hours researching and reading reviews and recommendations. This isn’t *everything* on our list, but it’s a good start!

Lovevery Play Gym
There are so many play gyms to choose from that it can be overwhelming. Each one has different features/themes; however, I knew that I wanted a wooden, neutral themed play gym. This play gym by Lovevery is designed by child development experts and includes five sensory zones to help babies through everything from tummy time to teething. It’s also crafted using natural materials, including organic cotton and sustainably sourced FSC-certified wood, which is super important for me.

Hatch Rest Sound Machine & Night Light
Perez and I both discussed wanting a sound machine, as they create a womb-like environment and help babies sleep – they also mask background noises like passing cars! I did a tonne of research, and time and time again, the Hatch Rest came out on top. This smart sound machine is an all-in-one device that is part sound machine and part night light. It features 11 soothing sounds, including crickets and white noise, as well as a customisable nightlight featuring ten presets, meaning when you’re feeding at 3am, you’re not doing it under a harsh light!

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000
In terms of time spent researching, the baby monitor took up most of my time. Not only are there so many different brands, but so many models! I read multiple blog posts and articles claiming to know which baby monitor was best, but in the end, I decided to subscribe to Which? and read their detailed research/testing. I knew I wanted a video monitor with a parent unit – not a smart wi-fi monitor- and after reading multiple reviews, I decided upon the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 as it rated best for battery life, signal range and video quality. The Motorola MBP50 Digital Baby Monitor rated a close second!

AVENT Soothie Pacifier
I chose these dummies/pacifiers not only because I have experience using them with the babies that I have nannied for but because they’re uniquely shaped to fit a newborn baby’s mouth. The dummy/pacifier is made out of one piece of BPA-free 100% medical-grade silicone, is easy to clean, either by hand or in the dishwasher, and there’s no chance that water will get trapped inside.

Oball Toy Ball Rattle
I discovered this toy rattle in Walmart almost ten years ago, and every baby I’ve gifted it to since has loved it. It’s designed to be grasped by little fingers and encourages the development of fine motor skills with every shake.

Bumkins Bibs
Quite simply, these bibs are the best! This was another product that I discovered during my time in the US. These bibs are waterproof, the colours don’t fade, AND they’re machine washable! They’re light and durable, meaning they pack well for days out and are free of BPA, PVC and vinyl. They also come in a number of super cute designs!

SwaddleMe® Original Swaddle
When babies sleep better, we sleep better, and that’s EXACTLY what these swaddles are designed to do. The secure design creates a cosy, womb-like feeling for babies and prevents the startle reflex, which is so often why babies wake themselves! Don’t be scared to wrap your baby snug like a burrito; they love it!

Aden + Anais Muslins
Muslins come in handy for a multitude of things – burping, comforting, swaddling. The Aden + Anais muslins are my favourite because not only are they made from 100% cotton, meaning they’re soft, breathable and absorbent, but their patterns are simply the best! We’ve registered for a mixture of sizes – squares for having handy when feeding and swaddles for nap time!

Ubbi Nappy Disposal Bin
I did a fair bit of research into nappy bins because, like anyone else, I don’t want my home smelling of dirty nappies! Time and time again, the AngelCare Nappy Disposal System popped up, but the fact that you’re tied to buying specific, and expensive, bin bags, put me off. Enter the Ubbi Nappy Disposal Bin. I have experience using this and so I know it works! Its made from a powder-coated stainless steel that absorbs odours and features a rubber seal to prevent leaks. It has a childproof lock and will take any brand of tall kitchen bin bag – saving us so much money! It also comes in a variety of colours meaning it will blend beautifully with any nursery theme!

Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather
Perez and I are well aware that bathing twins is going to be a task. We’re yet to decide if we’ll bathe them simultaneously or individually, but we know that we’ll need two bath seats. Saying this, we’re also conscious that we’re living in a two-bedroom apartment with limited storage space – and if you didn’t know, bath seats are bulky! As great as the AngelCare Soft Touch Bath Support look, it’s just not ideal for our current circumstances; the Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather, however, is. It features a three-position recline, helping baby to feel comfortable throughout their stages of growth and development, a padded headrest and folds for storage – something that is super important to us! The removable fabric is also mildew resistant and machine washable!

Twin Nursing Pillow
The Twin Nursing Pillow may be the number one recommended product by twin mamas! It’s not ideal for breastfeeding (I have a whole different pillow for that); however, it’s supposed to work great for bottle feeding two babies simultaneously and for supporting babies when they’re learning to sit.

As I said, this isn’t *everything * on our list, so if there’s something I missed or something that you SWORE by for your baby/babies, let me know in the comments below!

Check out our full registry here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/baby-reg/3DQ0QCV1JCXCG

I have a bump. Get over it.

As you’d expect, I’ve learnt a lot of things while being pregnant. The most minor thing will set you off in floods of tears; the middle of the bed is now where your human size pillow resides, and people’s need to comment on the size of your bump – including strangers.

I’m carrying twins, two babies, so naturally, my bump will be ‘bigger’ than most, and I get it; it’s right there in front of you. You can’t help noticing it. But guess what? That doesn’t mean you need to voice your thoughts.

I get that you probably don’t mean anything by it, but in short, it’s rude. If I had put a little weight on during lockdown or over the Christmas period, would my size be the first thing you’d comment on? I’d hope not!

I remember attending a dentist appointment at 22 weeks. When I told my dentist how far along I was, her response was, “Oh wow, you’re so big already.” This woman, who I see for 15 minutes every two years, left me feeling like I had to validate the size of my bump, and so I replied, “Well, there are two babies in there.” Flippant comments like this can easily get stuck in a woman’s head – and it’s not like we don’t already have enough to worry about!

A few weeks later, I was shopping for a pregnancy pillow in my local Dunelm. As the store assistant pointed me in the direction of the correct department, she asked me how long I had left. When I replied “12 weeks”, the look of horror, as she stared at my growing bump and replied, “Oh, wow”, was palpable.

It’s common knowledge that women carry their pregnancy in different ways, and there are a number of reasons why; many can be self-conscious about it. So, whether I’m bigger than what you would perceive to be average, or I’m not showing as much as you would expect, keep your thoughts to yourself.

When you see a pregnant friend or family member who you haven’t seen in a while, rather than commenting on the size of their bump, why not compliment them? “Congratulations”, “Being pregnant suits you”, “You look great”, “You’re glowing” are just some examples. But if you’re unsure of what to say, perhaps don’t say anything at all.

Oh, and do NOT touch my belly without asking. But, that’s a whole different conversation.

31 weeks pregnant

What NOT to expect when you’re expecting

You’ve all heard of the book ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ right? Originally published in 1984, and now in its fifth edition, the book consistently tops The New York Times Best Seller list and has helped tens of millions of expectant parents worldwide. Following the book’s success, in 2012, What to Expect When You’re Expecting was adapted into a movie starring Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez and Chris Rock, and followed the lives of five interconnected couples as they experienced the thrills of having a baby.

But here’s what that book doesn’t prepare you for – finding out you’re having TWINS!

It was at the 12-week ultrasound appointment that we found out. My partner and I were sat in the waiting room and the last thing I said to him before our name was called was “Imagine if it’s twins…” I laughed as I said this knowing it not to be true, after all, twins don’t run in either of our families.

I awkwardly climbed up onto the examination table, lifted my shirt and felt the cold jelly hit my tummy. With any pregnancy, the first ultrasound is nerve-wracking. Not only is it the first time that you get to see your baby, but it’s often when potential problems are discovered. My partner and I waited with bated breath for Grace, our sonographer, to tell us if there was a heartbeat. Instead, with her wand moving across my lubricated belly, she said, “Did you know there’s two?”

When I say my response was “No there isn’t” while laughing uncontrollably – I’m not lying. My partner responded “Two?!” Only moments before we were joking over such an occurrence, and now that joke was our reality!

After the ultrasound, we sat in the waiting room while the images were analysed and my file was updated. “Twins” we would suddenly announce, like saying it aloud, and repeatedly, would make it seem more real. “There’s two!”

I won’t lie and say that I was over the moon because I wasn’t. My partner and I knew that taking care of one baby, in a small apartment, would be difficult, but two? I had years of experience in caring for newborn babies, but never two at the same time! And, what about money? Twins mean two of everything

Soon, quite literally, every aspect of our lives was about to change. It was overwhelming.

Christmas adverts 2020: a review

Now that Halloween is done with, we can really start looking forward to the festive period and with the arrival of this year’s Christmas adverts, it’s well and truly underway.

I’ve taken a look at the Christmas adverts that have been released so far:

John Lewis: Give a Little Love

I think we all expected a lot from the John Lewis Christmas advert this year. For me, it missed the mark.

The theme of this year’s advert, “Give a little love”, was inspired by the kindness shown by the British public during the pandemic.

The storyline illustrates how acts of kindness, large and small, can multiply and positively impact the world in which we live as we pass them on to others, and so it’s fitting that the advert has been released on World Kindness Day.

The advert is different from John Lewis Christmas adverts of recent years, and because of that, it just didn’t stoke the chord that I was wanting it too.

Score: 3/5

Disney: From our family to yours

Highlighting the importance of family and tradition, the heartwarming Christmas advert from Disney was inspired by nostalgia, particularly in the festive season.

The three-minute animated short, featuring Mickey Mouse, tells the story of grandmother Lola, her granddaughter and the family traditions that have connected them through the years.The storytelling in the advert is very powerful and I may or may not have shed a tear while watching it.

Disney fans can purchase the Mickey Mouse toy featured in the advert from the Disney Store and shopdisney.co.uk, with proceeds going towards Make-a-wish, which has been working with Disney for 40 years. In addition to this, the advert is backed by the vocals of UK rising artist Griff, who sings original song ‘Love Is A Compass.’ The track is available for sale and every track downloaded before December 31, 2020, 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Make-A-Wish.

I think this is going to be the one that John Lewis has to beat.

Score: 5/5

Argos: An Evening with AbracaDaisy & The Incredible Lucy

Argos’ Christmas advert was the first one I watched this year and I have to say, it’s one of my favourites. 

Argos announced earlier this year that they would stop production of their iconic Argos catalogue (my 7-year-old self did shed a tear) however, the Christmas gift guide dubbed the ‘Book of Dreams’ has returned and features prominently in this latest advert. The opening scene features two sisters circling their preferred choice of present in the Book of Dreams, a magic set.

Their living room then transforms into a glamorous theatre as the sisters delight their family with their impressive magic skills – which become bigger and better.

The catchy song, Incredible by Gary Barlow, adds to the uplifting mood of the advert, and indeed the festive season.

Score: 5/5

ALDI: Where is Kevin?

Am I the only one that is fed up with Kevin the carrot?

Kevin is on a quest to get back to his family in time for Christmas. The storyline and the voice-over rhyming story, told by Jim Broadbent, remind me of the children’s Christmas storybook, Stickman, by Julia Donaldson.

I enjoyed the references to iconic movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, E.T. and Home Alone, and the advert as a whole.

Score: 4/5

Amazon: The Show Must Go On

This year’s Amazon advert reminds us all of the challenging year we’ve had, and while it could have come across as upsetting to watch, it’s beautiful, powerful and inspiring.

Set to an original arrangement of Queen’s ‘The Show Must Go On’ the advert features a young ballerina who is cast as the star in a dance show. As a result of the coronavirus, the show is cancelled; her neighbours and sister, however, help to put together an outdoor show where she showcases her talent on a rooftop, in the snow, for everyone to see.

For me, this advert captures the magic of community that so many have witnessed this year.

Score: 5/5

TK Maxx: The Lil’ Goat

I love this one, and that surprised me. It’s incredibly silly and super random – everything that we need in 2020!

It starts with a goat in a hot pink jacket, an emerald green blouse and a red beret, strutting her stuff like she’s walking for Fendi at Milan fashion week. As she passes a heard of sheep, her owners discuss her unexpected outfit.

‘Did you buy the goat a designer outfit?’ the woman asks who I assume to be her husband, to which he replies: ‘Yes. She’s had such a hard year. She blooming well deserves it, if you ask me.’ As he sheds a tear…


Score: 5/5

Marks and Spencer: This is M&S food

We get it, M&S has launched a light globe gin liqueur with edible gold leaf. It’s everywhere. It also features heavily in this years Christmas advert.

The first in what appears to be a string of adverts, with one released each week in the leadup to Christmas, features the voice of Olivia Colman who does a good job at delivering the M&S aesthetic. Aside from that, it’s just another M&S advert. 

Score: 2/5

ASDA: That’s an ASDA Price Christmas

It’s a conventional Christmas advert. It’s not memorable in any, way, shape or form. That’s it. That’s the review.

Score: 1/5

Very.co.uk: Christmas is this Very Moment

I enjoyed this advert. It shows a variety of little moments shared between a family on the lead up to Christmas.

It’s not memorable by any means, but it’s simple, and it works.

Score: 3/5

To be continued…

Furlough or fur-low

It’s always been shit to lose your job, but to be made redundant via a zoom call scheduled 30 minutes prior, it feels even worse.

Like many, I’ve suffered at the hands of the coronavirus epidemic. I lost my dream job, one that took four interviews and a lot of hard work to achieve, within the space of 7 minutes and 30 seconds, the length of my redundancy call.

I can’t say that I wasn’t expecting it, I had been in my role less than one year and worked in one of the hardest-hit industries, travel and tourism. My employer, a small-group adventure travel company, was no exception to the impact of COVID-19 and had to make some difficult decisions to survive.

My redundancy call happened five days before the UK government announced their plans for a coronavirus job retention scheme. Unfortunately, my initial request to be furloughed was denied, however after three weeks and some divine intervention, I was placed on furlough and was so, up until August 31st.

So what’s it like to be furloughed? In short, not all that it’s cracked up to be.

I’ve never been without a job. At the age of 14, I had a paper round. Each morning before school, I would cycle around my neighbourhood, delivering news hot off the press. I worked weekends in retail up until the age of 17, when I got my first full-time job. Now, suddenly, and for the first time, I was without a job. In the time that it takes to load a dishwasher, I not only lost my job, but I lost my routine, my community and a bit of myself.

I knew keeping busy would help and so I threw myself into reinventing my CV. Within two days of being made redundant, I had a CV that I was proud to call my own. I then began the tedious task of looking for a job, but unfortunately, I wasn’t the only one. As the UK entered a full-scale lockdown, companies unsure of their future began to make large scale redundancies. The few companies that were recruiting started to receive hundreds of applications for just one role. The quality of applicants was high, and so employers could afford to be picky.

The new reality of staying home, with no set routine, and the radio silence that I was receiving from potential employers had a real impact on my mental health. I found myself waking up late, not wanting to get out of bed. I napped regularly, even though I wasn’t tired. It was just a way of passing the time. I was worried about money, how would I pay my bills? I hated not knowing what each day would bring, but I had no motivation to do anything. When I look back now, I know that I was depressed. I felt like a failure; I felt that there must have been something more or something better I could have done. In reality, there wasn’t. I wasn’t made redundant because of something I had done wrong. It wasn’t me or my work ethic. It was a virus.

At this time, my request for furlough status was denied. The hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. I had already completed an online course in digital marketing, and although I felt some sort of accomplishment at this, I needed something more structured. I reached out to my network of friends and family and asked if anyone knew of any jobs locally. Two weeks later, I had given up on the possibility of finding anything when I found a note under my door. My neighbour, manager of a local Sainsbury’s, let me know that he had an opening for an Online Assistant. Twelve hours a week, 2 am – 6 am. Although the hours were ungodly, I jumped at the chance of having a purpose – helping to feed the nation – as well as a routine.

To start, it wasn’t easy. Although I was only working four hours a day three days a week, (a stark contrast to 12 hours day, five days a week), it took a while for me to find a good work/life balance, let alone a manageable sleeping pattern. I persisted, and I found a routine that worked for me. Five months and approximately 40,000 items picked later; I’ve been offered a permanent, 16-hour contract at Sainsbury’s. To say that this job saved my life is a little dramatic, however, to an extent, it’s true. Sainsbury’s gave me a purpose when I didn’t have one, and for that, I’m so grateful.

I’ve seen many meme’s and posts on social media poking fun at those on furlough, and in theory, yes it sounds great. You get paid 80% of your wage to stay home, but people face other challenges, and it’s important that we, as friends and family members, recognise this and support those that we love.

If you’re struggling with your mental health, you’re not alone. Mind, the mental health charity is there to make sure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. If you need non-urgent information about mental health support and services that may be available to you, you can call their infoline on 0300 123 3393 or email info@mind.org.uk.

The elusive diva of the north

In March 2018, National Geographic Traveller asked their readers to submit a great piece of travel writing in a bid to discover the very best untapped talent. The prize, a two-week Thailand Hike, Bike and Kayak Adventure courtesy of G Adventures. They, of course, received hundreds of entries, however, had to whittle these down to just three compelling tales that would be published in the October issue of the magazine. The winning piece; Uganda: Songs for Elephants by Dom Tulett was a compelling read and left a lasting impression with its reader. Of course, I was a little enervated at not being published; nonetheless I have decided to post my entry here:

We have spent the past five days traversing northern Norway; wolf encounters in Narvik, reindeer spotting on the North Cape and husky sledging through Alta. Each night we’ve waited patiently to catch a glimpse of what the locals call the ‘diva of the north’; however she has yet to make an appearance and so tonight, our last night, is our last chance.

Wolf Encounter at Polar Park, Narvik

We were due to be flying further north to Spitsbergen, the crown of Arctic Norway. However, the vast blanket of white that is engulfing the city, swallowing distant objects, means our plane has been grounded, and we’re going nowhere. Although disheartened at the missed opportunity of scouring the horizons of Svalbard for polar bears, we are determined to make the most of our extra night in Tromsø, the gateway to the Arctic.

As dusk falls over the city, we wander the historic centre, delighting in the traditional architecture, imagining what stories live within the chestnut red and burnt yellow walls. I look out across the steel grey Tromsøysundet strait, and admire the iconic Arctic Cathedral, built in the 1960’s the triangular structure stretches skyward, imitating the hulking snow-capped mountains behind.

We cross over the Tromsø Bridge, toward the mainland and take a cable car to the top of Mount Storsteinen where we are rewarded with a sweeping view of the city. Beneath the canopy of the night sky, Tromsø appears almost as though it’s been dusted with glitter; for the city is alive with lights. Our guide, a professor at the city’s university, draws our attention to the emerging constellations from the palette of stars above; the Little Dipper, the Northern Cross and a lone orbiting satellite.

Tromsø from Mount Storsteinen, 421 metres above sea level.

Inside, I take a bite of my reindeer burger and listen intently as the professor tells me of his encounters with the ‘diva of the north’. He recounts the variety of forms, colours and intensities that she can take on. Suddenly, as though she knows she’s being spoken about, she teases the sky with the first hint of her approach and the excitable buzz of chatter in the restaurant increases in volume. I find the nearest exit, hoping this is it; the moment I’ve been waiting for.

I look up at the night sky. At first, it appears indistinct, a light smudge behind a bank of clouds. The smudge starts to glow and gather into tormented twists of ethereal green. It is indisputable now, the elusive diva of the north as arrived. The Northern Lights dance across the sky in a sequence that only Mother Nature could choreograph. I gasp as a halo of vibrating violet light explodes almost directly above my head. I am speechless, awestruck. Bursts of white, green and purple continue to splash themselves against the canvas of the sky, as though being formed by the brushstrokes of a haphazard hand. There is nothing inexpert about this artist, though; every touch is calculated, every motion nuances the breathtaking final masterpiece.

Aurora Borealis from Storsteinen

And then, as swiftly as it began, the spectacle above me dissolves into nothing, and I’m sure the natural phenomena has departed. But then, instantaneously she forms on another horizon, dancing onwards, swirling streams of colour amid the craggy peaks. She continues late into the night, the diva of the north, the sensation of the sky, has given us the performance of a lifetime.

A pop-art Christmas

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted a multi-coloured Christmas tree – and when I say tree, I mean decorations. However, the thought of it being all mumbo jumbo causes my OCD to peak, I also had visions of it looking like it had walked out of 1990, and so when I saw this Christmas tree featured within John Lewis and Partners’ 2020 Christmas campaign, I fell in love.

Here are some of my favourite ornaments and baubles I’ve added to my tree:

Pop art rainbow bauble: with 25% of the retail price being donated to NHS Charities Together, this brightly colour ornament not only makes you smile, but it’s doing its bit for charity too!

Pop art crayons bauble: Bringing back all the childhood nostalgia, this crayon ornament makes me want to stay within the lines!

Say thanks to your delivery drivers this holiday season

Let’s face it. 2020 has been one hell of a year, however one thing that’s been consistent is our delivery drivers. Come rain or shine, throughout lockdown, they’ve delivered our not so necessary ASOS and Amazon orders.

So, this festive season I’ve created a snack basket, and designed a cute poster, offering our delivery drivers and postal workers a snack and drink for the road – to thank them for delivering all our parcels.

It didn’t cost much to put this together, just £5 for all of this (and more) and so if you can, it’s something I’d recommend doing. Let’s sprinkle kindness everywhere!

You can download my thank-you poster here:

Six ways to create summer holiday vibes in your living room during lockdown

I recently applied for a role with a brand that I love. I went above and beyond in making myself stand out at the application stage and I’m pleased to say that my efforts didn’t go unnoticed. I was one of 13 people chosen to attend an interview – of over 1,100 applicants – and although I made it through to the second round of interviews; unfortunately, I wasn’t successful this time around.

One of my interview pre-tasks was to write a short blog post about ‘How to create summer holiday vibes in your living room during lockdown.’ The blog post had to be 300 words or less and as I was writing for the brand’s website, I had to keep in mind their aesthetic and tone of voice. I’d like to share my final version with you here:

It’s November; we’re eight months into a global pandemic, the nights are pulling in, and if you’re like us, you haven’t had a summer holiday since what feels like 1992.

There’s nothing better, or more awesome than travelling. While we can’t travel (without a negative coronavirus test) for the foreseeable future, we can pop a brightly coloured, stripy and sand resistant towel over our shoulder and head into the living room. That’s right; we’re here to tell you how to create summer holiday vibes in the comfort of your own home!

  1. Create your own cabana – it’s like fort building, but for adults. Use your favourite towels to turn your sofa into something that looks like it wouldn’t look out of place on a beach in Bali.
  2. Listen to our Summer Holi-stay playlist – we’ve created the ultimate playlist for you to jam out too. Dance like you’re in Ibiza or, like no-ones watching. Listen here.
  3. Put together a fruit platter – is there anything better than fresh fruit on a beach in 30°C heat? Fresh pineapple, coconut, watermelon. DROOL!
  4. Cocktail making – we can’t promise unlimited alcohol or  even a bar, but making your own cocktails can be fun! Margaritas anyone? And if you don’t drink alcohol, there’s always Fanta Lemon.
  5. Transport yourself with flavour – why not re-create a meal from your favourite holiday, or try cooking something new. All else fails, there’s always a takeaway!
  6. Watch the perfect sunset – on YouTube, that is. Transport yourself to anywhere in the world and watch some of the best sunsets, from your sofa/newly built cabana. Santorini, South Africa, Australia – the (virtual) world is your oyster!

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28 things to do at home during lockdown 2.0

When the UK Prime Minister announced over the weekend that England would enter a second nationwide lockdown later this week, a collective sigh could be heard across the UK. ‘Not again.’

The previous lockdown impacted everyone in some way, shape or form and mentally, it was tough on a lot of people. 

My friends and family are somewhat divided on whether or not they’re for or against this second lockdown, but regardless, it is happening. However, something that I have noticed to be different than the previous lockdown is the sense of community on social media. We’ve acknowledged that yes, we have done this before and that yes we are more prepared than the first time around, but that yes, it will be tough.

So, with the help of my Instagram community, I have put together a list of 28 things that you can do by yourself, as a couple or with your family over the next 28 days:

  1. Couch to 5K – this running plan for absolute beginners involves three runs a week and is a great way to get you outside and active. Remember: fresh air is so important!
  2. Scrapbooking – scrapbook your previous adventures or make an online photo book. Not only do you get to re-live some great memories, but you’ll have something you can look back at again and again.
  3. Upcycle furniture – set yourself a limit, for example, £10, and use your free time to turn an old piece of furniture into a masterpiece.
  4. Host a games night – it doesn’t have to be a quiz. You can host charades, bingo and even drinking games virtually.
  5. Bake beyond banana bread – I think we can all admit to baking banana bread at least once during the last lockdown. Why not try a new recipe this time around?
  6. Learn to play an instrument – one friend of mine learned how to play the ukulele last lockdown – using YouTube!
  7. Host a virtual wine/cheese tasting – my friends and I did this during the last lockdown, and I have to say it was one of my highlights – and I don’t drink alcohol! Our fabulous friend arranged for us all to receive a tasting box and became a connoisseur of all things wine and cheese for the evening. I tasted cheeses I’ve never heard of before and learnt the difference between old world and new world wines.
  8. Edit your home – watch The Home Edit on Netflix, and the rest is history.
  9. Host a Pizza making night Jus-Rol Pizza Dough Thin Crust with Tomato Sauce is currently on offer for $2 in Sainsbury’s. Arrange a night for you and your friends to virtually make pizzas together – and of course, enjoy them afterwards.
  10. Learn calligraphy – I did this during the last lockdown and found it so therapeutic.
  11. Learn a language – this is your chance to actually learn a language with the spare time that you have. There is a wide selection of apps and youtube channels to choose from.
  12. Make s’mores – bring the outdoors, inside and toast your marshmallows using your grill!
  13. Paint with numbers – it’s like what we did as kids, except way more intense!
  14. Secret Santa – re-named Lockdown Lovers by my friends and I, we used an online platform to randomly allocate everyone a name and gifted each other something that we would enjoy doing at home during the lockdown.
  15. Christmas shopping – wrapping, decorating and planning. 
  16. Learn a TikTok dance – or the tango?
  17. Visit the ‘spa’ – otherwise known as your living room. I’m talking a face mask, manicures, pedicures and a luxurious bubble bath.
  18. Massage Night – a fun date night could be learning and practising massage on each other. It’s fun (tick), it’s romantic (tick), you learn a new skill (tick), and you get a massage out of it (HUGE TICK).
  19. Macrame – make your own macrame rainbow or wall hanging.
  20. A night at the cinema – download a movie poster, create tickets and set up a little a concession stand.
  21. Watch the Marvel films in order – my boyfriend and I did this during the last lockdown, and I have to say, I loved it. Maybe I’ll convince him to watch all the Harry Potter movies in order this time around!
  22. Host a Netflix watching party – an app extension of the famous streaming platform is available to download, allowing you and your friends to watch the same movie, at the exact same time! While it does not support video chat, it does offer synchronised video playback and a chat box so that you can interact with those watching the movie.
  23.  Design your own doughnuts – that’s right, Doughnut Time are now delivering countrywide and have seven different DIY kits, including one vegan kit, for you to choose from.
  24. Make pasta – if you still have a ready supply of flour, it might be time to start making your own pasta from scratch.
  25. Draw portraits of one another – and share the results to social media because we will all need a laugh!
  26. Participate in a challenge – there are several challenges that you can get involved in; 30-day squat challenge, the pull-up challenge and the plank challenge, for example.
  27. Educate yourself on race – you may have posted a black square to your Instagram grid back in June, but do you know why you did it? And what have you done since? By reading, listening and watching, we’re coming to terms with our own privilege, sitting with our discomfort and our anger and our guilt, and using it to support black communities. We may not always get it right, and we certainly won’t ever properly understand how it feels. But what we can do is use this time is to listen, learn, and start our long-term strategy of anti-racism and non-optical solidarity and this time is the perfect opportunity. Here are the best books, podcasts and films to help educate yourself about race and anti-racism.
  28. Watch the Northern Lights – because we can still see the world from our living room. This webcam is set up to capture the Northern Lights under the aurora oval – one of the best places on the planets to see the stunning display.

14 must-pack items for your Africa Overland trip

Packing for something that you’ve never done before can be tricky. For me, camping in Africa is the furthest of any travel experience I’ve had. I had this vision that I would be dressed head to toe in khaki, with binoculars around my neck. But, after splashing out on a 15-day overland tour of Southern Africa, I couldn’t afford a pair of binoculars, and I didn’t have the luxury of space in my 65L backpack.

So, through trial and error, here’s my list of what you should pack, before your undies:

  1. Sleeping bag – I haven’t owned a sleeping bag since I was seven and sleeping on the floor of my friends’ bedrooms, so I had to do a little research. Turns out there are a lot of variables when purchasing a sleeping bag, including its material, shape and temperature rating. As I was travelling in April/May (Fall into Winter), I went for one with a good nights sleep temperature of 10°C, and it worked perfectly. Any later in the year and I would suggest a sleeping bag liner too.
  2. Headtorch – I surprised myself with not only how often I used my headtorch, but also how much I relied on it. We weren’t always pitched close to the campsite toilets and so when you’re trying to find the bathrooms at 3 am, it’s good to know that it’s a group of greater kudu up ahead, and not a pack of lions – true story!
  3. Earplugs & sleep mask – If you’re travelling as part of a group like I was, there’s always the chance that there will be that one person that snores, and loud too. Also, as incredible as the birds in Africa are, their early morning songs will leave you wanting to throw a pillow over your head. The sleep mask is for the one morning you’re allowed to sleep past the rising of the sun!
  4. ‘Campsite’ shoes or flip flops – For ease of getting in and out of your tent and to/from the campfire/toilets.
  5. Quick-dry towel – If you’re travelling to Africa, or anywhere in the world, without a quick-dry towel, you’re doing it wrong. Since somebody gifted me a Dock and Bay quick-dry towel, I’ve not travelled without it. They’re light and compact so take up little space/weight in your backpack, they’re super absorbent, and they dry quick time, which means no more damp, smelly clothes when travelling!
  6. Water filtration bottle – Most travellers rely on their accommodation to provide filtered water or will buy plastic bottles (after plastic bottles) to ensure safe drinking water. The former isn’t convenient, while the latter does nothing good for the environment. Instead, I brought a Brita fill&go Active Water Bottle for my trip; however, I’ve also used Water-to-Go when travelling. It meant that I could fill up and pretty much instantly drink water from almost any source, including rivers. I’m happy to report I had no issues when using my filtration water bottle – no funny tummy or otherwise. Whatever water filtration bottle you choose,  just make sure you drink plenty.
  7. Camera with extra batteries & big data SD cards – I purchased a backup battery pack, especially for my trip to Africa. I knew that not only would I be using my camera more than usual (have you seen how photogenic Africa is?) but that I would be gutted if I missed out on an epic photograph because I was too busy charging other devices and neglected my camera. I also made sure that I had plenty of storage space because I didn’t want to scrimp on space for photos. I knew that once a herd of Elephants were in front of me, I wouldn’t hold back on clicking the shutter – and I can confirm that I didn’t!
  8. Long pants – I wish someone had told me how necessary long pants were before I left. I wore ¾ leggings when doing a walking safari in the Okavango Delta and came away with more than just incredible memories – bright red scratches all over my ankles/lower legs.
  9. Closed-toe shoes – For obvious reasons, I wore my closed-toe shoes when doing anything outside of the campsite. Ensure they’re comfortable as possible and are terrain friendly.
  10. Bum bag/fanny pack – My bum bag didn’t leave my waist the entire time I was travelling. Not only did it mean that I had easy access to my money, phone and GoPro, but that I wasn’t lugging a day pack everywhere I went.
  11. Personal entertainment – When doing an overland tour of Africa, bus travel is a large part of your travel experience. With wifi being intermittent throughout Africa, the best approach is to do all of your downloading before you leave home. Make sure your music is available offline and take advantage of Netflix and download an entire boxset to your phone. Fill up your kindle with the latest rom-com’s, keep a journal of your trip or try a podcast. Whatever you choose, just make sure you have enough entertainment to pass the time on the days where you’re on the road for eight or nine hours. Saying this, don’t forget to look out the window – you don’t know what you may miss!
  12. Power bank & convertors – Each seat on ‘The Lando’ came with its own USB charging point, and there were a set of plugs in the back for other/larger devices. However, my power bank ensured that my phone was always full of juice. Also, make sure you pack at least a couple of the appropriate plug convertors for the countries you’re visiting or invest in a universal plug adaptor, so you can have everything fully charged for the adventures.
  13. Hat & sunnies – You’ll be out in the sun a lot, and it’s hot, so bring a hat and sunnies to protect your face.
  14. First-aid kit – Travelling to remote towns and villages does mean that certain things will be scarce or just simply unavailable. It’s therefore essential to have reliable and direct access to basic things like antiseptic cream, bandaids, painkillers and anti-diarrhoea medication in the form of a small first aid kit. I made sure that my first aid kit included the following: lip balm with sunscreen, sunscreen, paracetamol, ibuprofen, bandaids, antihistamines, antibacterial wipes, alcohol-based hand gel, antiseptic cream, Imodium, rehydration powder and insect repellent. Sunscreen is expensive in Africa, so make sure you buy it before you leave.

Highlights of Jordan

I posted my second YouTube video today and I’d love for you to check it out. The four-minute ‘GoPro Shorts’ video features some of the experiences I had when travelling on the eight-day G Adventures Highlights of Jordan tour.

The tour is marketed as ‘ideal for the traveller who is short on time but wants to soak up the colours, culture and history’ of this small Middle Eastern country. It certainly did what it said on the tin – and then some.

We explored ancient sights and lost cities, camped overnight in a Bedouin tent. We took in Petra’s fascinating history and relaxed in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea.

Have you travelled to Jordan? Let me know in the comments below: